CWA Member Urges Legislators to Protect Call Center Jobs

Betsy LaFontaine, Vice President of CWA Local 4621 and an AT&T customer service representative who works out of a call center in Oshkosh, Wis., highlighted the need for action to protect call center jobs at the annual meeting of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee last month.

In her presentation, LaFontaine spoke about what the job of being a customer service representative is like, emphasizing that call center jobs can be great jobs for many communities – especially when they are CWA-represented union jobs. She spoke about the constant fear and pressure that hangs over workers as they see call center jobs being offshored, like AT&T has been doing. LaFontaine urged legislators present to focus on creating more customer service jobs here in the U.S. and protecting the ones that are still here by sponsoring legislation like the CWA-supported call center bills introduced at the federal and state levels.