What Is This Union Thing…

As we continue to grow our local, we are trying to discover reasons why we are not 100% organized in local 3607. Our local represents 803 employees thru all entities of AT&T, of those we have 588 Members and 215 non members. Because North Carolina is a Right To Work (for less) state, we have to represent all of AT&T’s employees, even if you don’t pay dues like the rest of us.

The Education committee has decided to take action and clear up any misunderstandings or misinformation about Unions and to answer any questions non members may have. Once we get to the bottom of the issue, maybe then all 215 will sign Blue Cards and we will be a stronger local with a bigger voice.  Image result for cwa clip art

As a member, you are getting this post from the website to share with any non member co-workers and friends. Let them know it’s OK to ask questions, to clear up any issues or misunderstandings they may have. We would love to take them off the blacklist and bring them into the light! Back in the 70’s and 80’s, we would have posted their names on the board and labeled them a SCAB for not paying their fair share, but getting all the perks of a member, for riding on our coat tails and taking advantage of the benefits we have worked so hard to gain.

Please share this post with non members and tell them to visit: cwagsoanswers@outlook.com to get their questions answered. This email address will also be posted in the buildings for their convenience. It’s OK if they don’t want to talk face to face.

Please allow up to 72 hours to get a response from the email they send.  As a member, remember we will be voting on new officers soon. See you at the Union Hall.