Union Made Beer?

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The Holidays are near.

Don’t forget to stock

your parties with

Union Made Beer!

The 10 days following Thanksgiving are designated by the AFL-CIO as “Buy Union” week to encourage all union members to look for union-made goods and services when they buy for the Holiday Season.

When you buy union, you’re supporting good jobs in American communities, jobs that provide living wages and benefits, safe working conditions and dignity and respect for work.

Holiday shopping traditionally kicks off on “Black Friday” — designated as such because it’s the timeframe when many retailers move from red ink to black on their balance sheets. Shoppers will find plenty of “bargains,” but union family shoppers will want to look beyond foreign-made electronics, trendy toys and gadgets to find enduring goods that are union made, or perhaps gift cards for union-productions, such as movies or sporting events, or union made food stuff — there are still many union-made candies, baked goods, spirits and specialty items.

Check out the Union Label Department’s new app, available for both Apple and Android devices, for holiday gift ideas.

Support your union brothers and sisters with these great beers when stocking your bar this Holiday season!

1845 Pils (IBT)

Alexander Keiths (IAM)

Anheuser-Busch (IBT/IAM)

Axehead (IBT)

Bass Ale (IAM)

Beck’s (IAM)

Black Eye (IBT)

Blue Heron Pale Ale (IBT)

Blue Moon (IUOE/IBT)

Boxer Ice, Lager and Light (IBT)

Budweiser (IAM/IUOE/IBT)

Burger (IUE-CWA)

Busch (IAM/IBT)

Butte Creek (organic) (IBT)

Camo (IUE-CWA)

Carmel Wheat Beer (IBT)

Clear Creek Ice (IBT)

Coors (IBT)

Czechvar (IAM)

Double Dread Imperial Red Ale (IAM)

Dundee (IBT)

Duquesne (IUE-CWA)

Earthquake (IUE-CWA)

Eye of the Hawk Select Ale (IBT)

Flor de Jamaica (IAM)

Genesee (IBT)

Goose Island (IBT)

Grain Belt Premium (Schell’s) (USW)

Green Valley Brewing Company (IAM/IUOE/IBT)

Hamm’s (UAW/IAM)

Henry Weinhards (IUOE/IBT)

Hoegaarden (IAM)

Honey Amber Rose (IBT)

Huber (IBT)


Hudy (IUE-CWA)

Humboldt Haze Imperial What IPA (IAM)

Hurricane (IUOE/IBT)

Icehouse (UAW/IAM)

Iron City (IUE-CWA)

Jamaica Red Ale (IAM)

John Barleycorn Barleywine (IAM)

Johnny Appleseed (IUOE/IBT)

Keystone Light (IAM/IUOE)

Killians (IUOE/IBT)

King Cobra (IUOE/IBT)

Kingfisher Premium Lager (IBT)

Kirin (IAM)

Labatt’s Blue (IUOE)

Landshark Lager (IAM/IUOE/IBT)

Latrobe (IUE-CWA)

Lazy Mutt Farmhouse Ale (IBT)

Leffe Blond (IAM)

Leinenkugel’s (UAW/IUOE/IBT)

Lionshead (IUOE)

Mad River (IAM)

Mendocino (IBT)


Michelob (IAM/IUOE/IBT)

Mickey’s (IUOE/IBT)


Miller Lite (UAW/IAM/IUOE/IBT)\

Milwaukee (IUE-CWA)

Minhas Oktoberfest (IBT)

Molson (IUOE/IBT)

Moosehead (IBT)

Mountain Crest Classic Lager (IBT)

Natural (IAM/IUOE/IBT)


O’Doul’s (non alcoholic) (IAM/IUOE/IBT)

Old German (IUE-CWA)

Olde English 800 (IUOE/IBT)

Pabst (UAW)

Pennsylvania Style (IUE-CWA)

Peregrine Pilsner (IBT)

Perfect 10 (IBT)

Raptor Red Lager (IBT)

Red Dog (UAW/IUOE)

Red Stripe (IUE-CWA)

Red Tail Ale (IBT)

Rolling Rock (IAM)

Saranac (IBT)

Schell’s (USW)

Schlitz (UAW)

Serious Madness Black Ale (IAM)

Sharp’s (non alcoholic) (UAW/IAM)

Shock Top (IAM/IUOE/IBT)

SouthPaw Light (IUOE)

Sparks Malt (IUOE/IBT)

Staropramen (IAM)

Steel Reserve (IUOE/IBT)

Steelhead (IAM)

Stegmaier (IUOE)

Stella Artois (IAM)

Stoneys (IUE-CWA)

Swiss Amber (IBT)

Talon Extra Select Double IPA (IBT)

Third Shift (MillerCoors) (IBT)

Thunderbolt (IBT)


White Hawk Select IPA (IBT)