Holiday Dining – Union Made

Don’t forget to Buy Union this Holiday Season and Year Round!

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The 10 days following Thanksgiving are designated by the AFL-CIO as “Buy Union” week to encourage all union members to look for union-made goods and services when they buy for the Holiday Season.

When you buy union, you’re supporting good jobs in American communities, jobs that provide living wages and benefits, safe working conditions and dignity and respect for work.

Holiday shopping traditionally kicks off on “Black Friday” — designated as such because it’s the timeframe when many retailers move from red ink to black on their balance sheets. Shoppers will find plenty of “bargains,” but union family shoppers will want to look beyond foreign-made electronics, trendy toys and gadgets to find enduring goods that are union made, or perhaps gift cards for union-productions, such as movies or sporting events, or union made food stuff — there are still many union-made candies, baked goods, spirits and specialty items.  

For your holiday meals, look for these quality products, produced by union members, when you are preparing for your holiday celebration…  

Set The Table…….  

Homer Laughlin China (GMP)

Fiestaware (GMP)

Anchor Hocking (GMP)

Libby Glassware (USW and GMP)

Claus Knives (USW)

Pyrex (USW)

Corning Ware (USW)

Bennington Potters (UNITE GERE)

For the Feast………

Cranberries/ Cranberry Sauce

Ocean Spray (IAMAW)

Dole (IBT)


Dole Fresh Potatoes (IBT)

Mann’s Fresh Culinary Cuts Sweet

Cook’s Ham (UFCW)

Farmland Old Fashioned Pit Ham (UFCW)

Farmland Original Pit Ham (UFCW)

Hormel Honey Roasted Ham (UFCW)

Tyson Ham (UFCW)


Manischewitz (UFCW)

Stroehmann Bakery Products (BCTGM)


Andy Boy (UFW)

Muranka (UFW)

Eurofresh (UFCW)

Birds Eye (UFCW)

Mann’s (UFCW)

Sunripe Produce (UFCW)

Potato (UFCW)

Betty Crocker Specialty Potatoes (BCTGM)


Pillsbury Rolls (BCTGM)

Stroehmann Bakery Products (BCTGM)

Aunt Millie’s Bread Products (UFCW)


Entenmann’s (BCTGM)

Marie Callender’s (UFCW)

Pillsbury Pie Crust (BCTGM)

Sara Lee (BCTGM)

Banquet Fruit Pies (UFCW)

Pie Filling

Kroger brand pumpkin puree (UFCW)

Food Club canned pumpkin (UFCW)

Del Monte Fresh Apples (IBT)

Check out the Union Label Department’s new app, Available for both Apple and Android devices, for more holiday gift ideas.