Orange Contract Bargaining Report – April 28, 2017

As you are aware, the Union gave the company 72 hour notice today to terminate the contract as per the extension agreement. The Union did this because the Company refused to come to the table and bargain. After receiving notice, the Company came to the table and we had extensive conversations, but we remain far apart. AT&T is standing by their greedy proposals and looking to slash benefits and outsource jobs while they make over a billion dollars a month. We know many of you will have questions about the 72-hour notice so here is a link to the FAQ sheet:

The Bargaining Team is strengthened by the support and mobilization of the membership. There were protests at the AT&T shareholders’ meeting and mobilization events around the country. Let AT&T hear loud and clear that you demand and deserve a fair contract! Stay unified, mobilized and angry! When we fight, We WIN!

Stay strong Brothers and Sisters!!

In Solidarity,