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This is a list of the people that represent you through CWA 3607. If you need assistance or have questions, please feel free to contact one of the people listed below.


                       Rodney Hughes




                      Joan Brooks

                      cell – 336.543.8119

                       office – 336.230.1211


          Tracey Dickson

          Cell – 336.340.7081

           office – 336.230.1211

Sector Vice President-W:

     Roselyn Pinnix


Sector Vice President-N

Craig Travis


Area Vice President-N:

Jason Blackwood


Area Vice President-W

George DeVane



  Wireless Stewards

Sherri Brown     336.508.6684

Joshua Fulks     336.549.5646

Jennifer Kendricks     336.392.5455

Marc Mangum     336.255.2128

Marvette Moore     336.453.8296

Andre Oliver     336.255.6174

Brooke Patterson     336.837.5279

Denita Smith     336.609.4607

Danielle Stone     336.338.4585

Sylvia Thacker     336.253.3768

Tonya Ware     336.210.0738

Candy Williams     336.541.0872

Byron Daniels     336.508.8853

James Alford     336.681.7161

  Network Stewards

Mike Allred     336.675.1230

Craig Comer     336.508.2725

Kenneth Fincanon     336.932.7060

Jessie Garvin     336.561.7511

Travis Griggs   336.392.6299

Rayvon Lynch     336.212.8109

Chris Myrick     336.549.5869

Janice Randolph-Parker     336.451.5061

Belinda Skeen     336.970.0394

Robert Spillers     336.686.2616

Raymond Stanley     336.552.7033

Kent Wilkins     336.225.8977

Any stewards not listed, please call Rodney Hughes or Joan Brooks with a current phone number and the listing will be updated. Thanks.

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