I have been asked by members of the local, why are we always helping other groups? We have enough to do for our own people.  I pointed out that our local had recently received an award for just that – stepping up and lending a hand, a voice and/or reassurance when it was needed. But helping others wasn’t to get an award, it was because it needed to be done.

Solidarity  is

“…union or fellowship arising from common responsibilities and interests, as between members of a group or between classes, peoples, etc.”

What it should mean for us at CWA 3607, and our acronym stands for Communications Workers of America –  is that we work together as a group to help the company understand:

  • what we need and want,
  • what is beneficial for us as a group and
  • what will help us feel like we are worthy contributors in the work place.

I went to a Civil Rights conference a couple of years ago and the theme for that conference was, “AN INJURY TO ONE IS AN INJURY TO ALL”.  That statement alone represents solidarity because you are not just thinking about the ONE from AT&T or Local 3607 or even North Carolina, you are thinking about ALL, because that fight may be to help people get $15.00 an hour across the country or the Nissan plant in TN or someone in South Carolina that didn’t know they had workers rights.

When our brother or sister is disrespected in the work place, we by extension are disrespected. When we solidify and come together as a group, that gives us strength and power. The company is not really interest in one voice or ten voices, but let them hear 50, 100’s or 1,000’s of voices saying the same thing. Do you realize how strong we will be. These voices can resound when it is a collective voice, in solidarity for common reasons and interests.

Coming together to work as a group, with a common goal is a remarkable thing, that gives the employees power in the work place and brings about a change.

It is fantastic to see us pulling together for this Local, this Union and other groups, especially in the south. BE STRONG, IN UNITY and SOLIDARITY and we can get it done.  CWA STRONG!


Jocelyn Bryant


CWA Local 3607



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