As we close out 2018 and progress into 2019 it is an opportunity to speak on the contributions of a vast population of people that helped build this great country. Diversity and inclusion is a passion of mine that I want to continue investing in throughout the Triad as well as within the Local of 3607.
Since the new year, we have made great strides to make 2019 one of our best years. I have been attending Wireless Conferences, District Meetings, and Labor Conventions, which has put me in a position to advance our movement. Networking and building relationships are necessary to be in a better position and I can truly say that CWA Local 3607 is in a better position.
We are growing…We are aware…We are strong… Strength is in numbers as well as action. The Union is comprised of everyone all as one unit and the power that we have is a great mass that cannot be moved. I encourage each of our members to get engaged, equip yourself with the tools that will advance you, and fight for what is ours! “Don’t Fight, Don’t Cry” is a tagline that is being used for the wireline bargaining and it is so appropriate dealing with how we invest in our future.
Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and the greater community. We are CWA STRONG.

In unity,

Rodney Hughes

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