2017  has been a year of growth for our local as well as for those of us who have been fighting the good fight.

WE have grown our local… and I would like to thank everyone who has made this happen – from the different committees to individuals who have brought in Blue Cards. 

WE have helped other organizations… to include the Greensboro City Workers who have formed a Union, Replacements LTD – stopped worker mistreatment, Urban Ministry – assisting in their outreach was very rewarding, YWCA – offering goods during the holiday season and supporting Louisiana & Puerto Rico during their time of need after natural disasters. 

WE have educated our members… thru various training class from Wire Tech Training, Fight Forward, Organizing training, Runaway Inequity and more.

WE helped Get Out The Vote… We texted, tweeted and called from our local to make sure the community was aware of what was at stake.

WE have been available and ready to help our co-workers, members, the community and other organizations accomplish much. Thank you for being there and ready to stand up to be counted.

It has been a pleasure to be a part of such a great organization, especially when you know that the items listed is only a part of the big picture. WE have accomplished many things, but don’t sit down, there is more to do! When you fight for justice, the fight is never over. When you strive for something better – for all, you have to keep it moving. Even when we leave, the story is not over – it’s just a new chapter. Please continue to grow in every way possible.

BE STRONG, IN UNITY and SOLIDARITY and we can get it done.  CWA STRONG!


Rodney Hughes


CWA Local 3607


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