Organizing Update …

Internal Organizing for Local 3607…

Our Organizing committee has been working overtime to gain membership from non-members. We have also been able to offer the union to all new hires in core, mobility and YP. Our membership is currently at 71.6% which is great compared to the 61.9% start in January of 2017. The non-member status is as follows:

  • Core                                                 78
  • Utilities                                             3
  • SBC Internet                                    3
  • Mobility/Retail                           135
  • YP                                                      3

We are visiting all the sites and retail on a regular basis and will be hosting membership drive tables in both call center buildings on June 30, 2017 from 1 – 4pm. Be on the look out for us and send any non-members on your team to the break rooms.

Share the benefits of the Union with your co-workers so they will understand we are Stronger Together – CWA STRONG.



Unions Are Not Retreating In The South.

Despite UAW’s organizing defeat in Tennessee, unions aren’t backing down from their quest to give workers a voice in the South. At the AFL-CIO’s winter strategy meeting in Houston this week, leaders vowed to strengthen and mobilize their allies.    

The Wall Street Journal reported:

Larry Cohen, president of the Communications Workers of America, said one of labor’s strategies will be to link up with civil-rights and human-rights groups fighting issues such as voting rights.

“If we separate these issues, we all lose,” he said. “The challenge for people in labor…is to build that kind of coalition,” said Mr. Cohen. “There’s now much more incentive to build that movement in Tennessee.”

The Journal also blogged:

Communications Workers of America President Larry Cohen said his union has done most of its organizing in the South over the past decade, “not because we focused on the South, but because we focused on certain kinds of work that was growing” in that region, he said. Mr. Cohen said the union of roughly 700,000 members in the U.S. and Canada has about 150,000 workers in the Southern U.S., including at AT&T Mobility. The union represents workers at that company in more than a half-dozen Southern states, including Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia, according to the union’s website.

Here’s the take by Slate, which quoted Cohen saying:

“It’s not so much a turning point in terms of working people and how they behave, but to have a U.S. senator, who takes an oath of office to be part of the federal government, ignore the preamble to the National Labor Relations Act, which clearly states that it’s the policy of this government to promote collective bargaining. Instead, he attacked it.”

SC Gov. Haley Tells Union Corporations To Go Elsewhere…

CWA President Larry Cohen writes in The Huffington Post:

It’s not clear what South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is trying to accomplish when she says, as she did on Feb. 20, that corporations with union representation shouldn’t even think about locating in her state.

Does she mean that the Port of Charleston should close, because the dockworkers are members of the International Longshoreman’s Union who make sure that cargo is shipped all along the East Coast? Maybe she means that telephone service should shut down, because those workers are members of my union, the Communications Workers of America. 

Maybe the governor is unaware that South Carolina’s right-to-work law, like Tennessee’s, makes it illegal to discriminate against workers who chose union representation as well as those who don’t.

Here’s what the law says: It is hereby declared to be the public policy of this State that the right of persons to work must not be denied or abridged because of membership or non-membership in a labor union or labor organization. (South Carolina Code of Laws, Section 41-7-10.)

Governor Haley, you seem to be violating your own state law.

Of course, politicians like Governor Haley and those in Tennessee, want to overturn labor law and other laws that they don’t like. That’s why Tennessee politicians threatened both the Volkswagen workers and their company in the recent union election. Workers were told by politicians that if you vote for union representation, Volkswagen won’t expand production. Volkswagen was threatened with the loss of financial support and tax incentives, a bizarre approach to the goal of keeping good jobs in the state.

CWA is proud of its 150,000 members and amazing leaders from southern states including South Carolina. Governor Haley is operating at the bottom of the global economy in threatening her own state’s workers with gross violations of core global labor standards. Elected officials in almost any other nation would be ashamed to utter the words she seems so proud to proclaim.

Union workers in South Carolina and across the country are joining with allies like civil rights and community groups, to make sure that working people have a voice and a vote. Just across the border, nearly 100,000 people turned out recently for a moral march, sending a message to North Carolina politicians that working people are moving forward together to fight the attack on voting rights and workers’ rights in that state. That’s how we’ll restore those rights to South Carolina, too. Nothing Governor Haley says can stop that.

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